Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine

A practice that’s over 3,500 years old.

Chinese Herbal medicine and acupuncture work synergistically.  Current Chinese herbology comprises over 5000 years of experiences and uses approximately 1,800 herbs, mineral substances, and animal products.   

An herbal prescription is seldom only one herb.  Most prescriptions have 10 or more herbs working synergistically to increase the potency of certain herbs, to guard against side effects of other herbs and to harmonize the actions of all the herbs.  Traditionally herbs are brewed into a tea.  This remains the most powerful way to take herbs and allows a formula to be tailored specifically to each client’s unique needs. For convenience sake, however, most herbs today are processed to be taken in a pill or tincture format.  

I am trained to prescribe all forms of Chinese herbs, from individualized formulas that are brewed as teas to those formulas already processed into pill form.  I only use herbal formulas from trusted sources that are of the highest quality and tested for quality control.  

Herbs can be particularly effective in working with illnesses that have, in Chinese medical terminology, become “latent.”  Covid and Lyme disease are two such illnesses that have the potential to go “latent” deep into the body and have long term symptomology.  Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are other examples of illnesses that may be caused by a “latent pathogen” and which herbs may be used to ameliorate symptoms.  Please note we do not advocate forgoing traditional allopathic medical care for these illnesses but rather prescribe herbs to support the body in its healing process.

When prescribed and used correctly, Chinese herbal formulas rarely cause unwarranted side effects and are a safe and effective way to address many concerns either alone or in conjunction with acupuncture.

Will these herbs interfere with prescription medications?

Most Chinese herbal formulas do not interfere with common prescription medicines.

Nevertheless, it is important that you give us a complete list of medications you may be taking, including other herbal supplements, so known adverse complications can be addressed.

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