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what people are saying...I came to Integrative Medicine for a whole slew of reasons and keep coming back for one, I feel great! I have not felt this good for decades. I do eat different, I think different but none of it was hard. It was an easy change for huge gains. I am very grateful a friend told me to give Rob  a try!

Laura H. – Testimonial

September has come to an end – it is 7:15 am and I need to write a thank you note to Integrative Medicine Center and to Robert Bastress L.Ac., DIPL. AC and to the most helpful receptionist I have ever encountered! On September 15, my daughter and I found our way to 227 N. Cleveland Ave., Hagerstown, Maryland. I had had a series of falls on concrete walks, stairs and stone areas, lawns, wheel barrows etc. A bit tattered and torn so to speak and pain, deep all over pain! Add to that, I am also ninety years old. That did not seem to daunt my certified acupuncturist, Robert Bastress. With expert ease and skill he proceeded to send all the pain out the window and I can walk freely again – get up and out of chairs and yes I even made cookies over the weekend. In that short time a miracle happened and please know I am very greatful.

Enid D. – Testimonial

What a good experience. I had been suffering with pain in my hand and arm. With treatment, problem solved and everything is back to normal. I found acupuncture to be most effective and I can not recommend this service more highly. Great job and thanks for all your help.

Ronald L S. – Testimonial

Before I started going to Integrative Medicine, I had chronic sinusitis.  I was taking antibiotics every three months.  After I started acupuncture every two weeks, I no longer had bouts of sinusitis. Between sessions I would have sinus pressure and irritation with allergies.  I began taking Allerplex twice a day and it really controls sinus irritation due to allergies.  I would highly recommend acupuncture on a regular basis and Allerplex to anyone that suffers with allergies and sinus problems.

Jodie S. – Testimonial

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about a year when I sought out the help of Integrative Medicine Center. My doctor had told me that my cycles were too irregular to conceive on my own and that I should seek the help of a fertility specialist. As an otherwise healthy, young woman, I was not ready to accept the idea that I could not conceive naturally. I did not know what to expect from acupuncture, as I had never done it before and was quite skeptical in the beginning. Rob was willing to listen to my concerns and answer any questions that I had. After 3 months of treatment, I felt like a different person. My body chemistry was completely balanced. In addition to increased fertility, I reaped many other benefits from the treatment. My frequent tension and migraine headaches completely disappeared, my stress and irritability levels greatly decreased, and my skin and hair were noticeably healthier. I am very excited to write that after only 4 months of treatment at the Integrative Medicine Center, I became pregnant with my first child. Acupuncture took the stress out of trying to conceive. I was so busy enjoying the benefits of getting healthy, it seemed to just happen. I will surely use what I’ve learned to guide my future reproductive decisions and advocate for my own health. I highly recommend Integrative Medicine Center to anyone who is interested in taking charge of their own wellbeing. Rob is genuinely interested in helping people improve their quality of life by tapping into the body’s natural ability to heal. My family and I are very grateful for his talent and expertise!

Lauren B. J. – Testimonial

My name is Nielle and I was very skeptical at first about trying acupuncture. I have had and lived with migraines, stomach reflux, neck and shoulder pain for many, many years. I have tried all traditional medicine procedures to lessen my pain and symptoms, but nothing worked or it worked for a short while then returned. My husband had suggested many times for me to give acupuncture a try, but I am not a fan of needles so I kept putting it off. Eventually, I decided that I might have to try it because the pain in my joints, the stomach reflux, every ailment was getting worse. We chose Rob to try. Staff was very nice from the beginning, always accommodating. I am now a very firm believer in trying stuff out of my comfort level. My pain, swollen joints, stomach reflux, migraines have all lessened severely. I have gone from having a migraine almost everyday to having maybe a tension headache once in a while. My stomach reflux has reduced to the point of not having to take my Nexium pills daily to to almost nonexistent. My neck and shoulder pain has reduced drastically so that my husband can touch my shoulder to massage and I am not in critical pain. My knees and joints are much better, swelling reduced greatly. If your ever thinking about trying acupuncture give it an honest try, you will be glad you did. It has helped me greatly. Keep an open mind.

Nicolle G. – Testimonial

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