Healing Retreats

In addition to the work he does here at the Integrative Medicine Center, Robert Bastress leads Healing Retreats at the Farm of Peace in Warfordsburg, PA.

The training he received in Acupuncture School and at the Jaffe Institute enables him to support patients in reconnecting to their heart’s awareness of love and the Divine presence during painful situations. It allows him to help people release negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and grief that can be part of chronic illness patterns.

Patients are able to gain new insights, increase compassion for themselves and others and ultimately receive healing.
Healing Retreats




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Rob is part owner of The Farm of Peace, an international retreat center in Warfordsburg, PA, that focuses on spiritual development, peace building and international efforts in conflict resolution.

Learn more about our Healing Retreats and about the Farm of Peace in general.

The Farm of Peace
1212 Haven Lane
Warfordsburg, PA 17267